A job in the delivery sector means that you make things reach the people in need. Most of the time, you choose your work-hours and you choose your work-location in delivery jobs. Delivery driver is a good entry-level job to make a better living for yourself.
1 out of 1
1 out of 1

Key Statistics

Field Job
Numerical Skills
Driving Skills
(i) 10th Pass, (ii)12th Pass, (iii) Diploma, (iv) Graduate
Average Salary
8-9 hours
Average Daily Working Hours

Job Demand

Very LowVery High

Job Security

Very LowVery High

If you are looking for a simple job with a fairly good salary, the delivery sector is for you. You can work in these delivery jobs part time or full time and earn a good income. Delivery driver is an in-demand job in the logistics service sector. This job required less or no educational qualifications.