Careers in fashion require a keen eye for trending styles and an excellent design sense with knowledge about raw materials, i.e., quality and variety of garments. Fashion industry provides exciting career opportunities that require creativity and distinctiveness. It is indeed one of the people’s favourite industries.
1 out of 1
1 out of 1

Key Statistics

Communication Skills
(i) Diploma - Fashion Designing
Average Salary
8-9 Hours
Average Daily Working Hours

Job Demand

Above Average
Very LowVery High

Job Security

Very LowVery High

Fashion industry provides numerous opportunities for people who are talented in designing outfits that keep up with the ever-changing trends. You should have a deep understanding of every step that goes into the creation of outfits, from sourcing the fabrics to designing and producing the final attire. Careers in fashion are popular as it can gain you a good income once you build a loyal customer base.