Be a part of the multi-dimensional marine organisation that keeps watch over the Indian sea territory. Apart from an adventurous lifestyle, you will be saving human lives at sea and assisting fishermen in risky waters.
1 out of 2
1 out of 2

Key Statistics

Field Job
10+2 / Equivalent in Biology - Maths
Average Salary
8-10 hours
Average Daily Working Hours

Salary for work experience

0 Years : 25700

Job Demand

Very LowVery High

Job Security

Very LowVery High

The Indian Coast Guard jobs are challenging, adventurous and have high perks You play a significant role in safeguarding the nation's interests. The Indian Coast Guard life is a wonderful blend of many things, including hard labour, professionalism, risk and adventure, and the opportunity to travel and explore different parts of India and the world.', 'There's also the satisfaction of contributing to the defence of the country. DevelUp will help you understand the Indian coast guard recruitment process as well as application and selection criteria. DevelUp offers you a one of a kind career pathway that gives you all the information you need to know before choosing a career. Explore key highlights, required skills and career trends of your dream job and choose a better future.

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