Sales is one of the top careers of the Indian workforce. Sales jobs are usually jobs with high salary, high growth and a lot of benefits. Sales jobs for freshers are in-demand on both offline and online platforms. Are you ready to grab the opportunities and be a dynamic sales professional?
1 out of 3
1 out of 3

Key Statistics

Desk Job
Computer Skills
Numerical Skills
Communication Skills
Average Salary
9-10 hours
Average Daily Working Hours

Salary for work experience

0 Years : 10,290

Job Demand

Very LowVery High

Job Security

Very LowVery High

Sales jobs never grow outdated! Sales is the driving force of the Indian economy. With the rise in online shopping, sales jobs have a high demand right now. If you plan on making a career in sales, you will have a variety of opportunities. Some of the best sales jobs include - Tech sales jobs, Medical sales jobs, Online sales jobs, Retail sales jobs, Car sales jobs, DevelUp offers you a one of a kind career pathway that gives you all the information you need to know before choosing a career. Explore key highlights, skill requirements and career trends of your dream job and choose a better future.

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